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1. SP Express Ltd agrees to provide you the customer ("You") with the transportation services ("Services") in reliance of the information given by You on this application form and agreement below is Your acknowlegement that the information provided is accurate.


2. The Services are provided in accordance with SP Express Ltd standard terms and conditions of Carriage as varied from time to time ("Terms") a copy of which are set out on this website and a paper copy can be provided to You on request. By ticking the box below You confirm that You have read and understood the Terms and agree to be bound by the Terms. This application form, SP Express Ltd current tariff schedule, the Terms and any other schedules provided to You by SP Express Ltd relating to the Services consitute the agreement between You and SP Express Ltd and any variations to this agreement will only be effective if agreed in writing by authorised SP Express Ltd personell.


3. SP Express Ltd may make searches about you (and/or, where applicable, Your principal Partners) with credit reference agencies who will supply SP Express Ltd with credit information as well as information from the Electoral Register as to allow SP Express Ltd to verify your (and/or Your principal Partners) identity and credit record. These agencies will record details of the search whether or not this application proceeds. You (and/or Your principal Partners) hereby consent to such searches being made and any information being obtained from these searches being used by SP Express Ltd and any of its associated of affiliated companies.


4. SP Express Ltd will use any personal information it collects about You in order to carry out the Services quickly and efficiently and in order to bill You and contact You when necessary in relation to the Services provided. SP Express Ltd will not share this information with anyone other than companies associated or affiliated with SP Express Ltd. All information is stored securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


5. SP Express Ltd may also from time to time send You details of special offers, discounts and updates to SP Express Ltd services which may interest You.


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